Value Proposition:- New Wealth Directions has many unique 21st century offerings that make our value to you compelling.


Mark Boyse is a Certified financial planner (FPA)


Self managed Superannuation Professional Association of Australia (SPAA )


Mark is accredited to provide stockbroking services through “BBY Limited”. With all trading done in house giving you direct access to all of our researched ASX investments.


I urge all current clients and prospective clients looking at this webpage to link to the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Australia’s website and read through their excellent explanation of the recently implemented laws  that all Financial planners must abide by:

Future of Financial Advice (FoFA)

Ensure you read the paragraph, “Not all Financial Planners are the same"

See professional credentials here

CLIENT SERVICE 100% online access 24/7:

New Prosperity:- The service of New Prosperity is 100% online allowing, our clients to create, control and then make informed decisions from the comfort of your own home, or with the assistance of Mark. The service provides a cloud based white board we can discuss any strategy .

·        Plan your next baby                             (financial impact)

·        Understand your Networth                    (discover what you are working for!)

·        Take control of your finances                 (relieve stress and anxiety)

·        Plan your retirement with more certainty

·        Discover your EoY personal tax position every day of the year! 

Discover the best outcomes for any financial strategy you may be considering using this service. You will discover the best after tax cashflow position for both you and your partner.

Features include:

·        Mortgage calculator                              (great for managing your debt)

·        Bill reminder

·        12 month Budget planner

21st Century  customer centric technology:- New Wealth Directions has spent years building proprietary software to better serve our clients.

All clients are provided with login access to these features:

·        Easy to use client dashboard to access features

·        Client document management system             (environmentally friendly)

·        Investment reports available online

·        Weblinks to your portfolio of investments       (great time saver)

·        New Wealth Direction activities

·        New Prosperity weblink                                 (your Financial home)

News letters:- Our newsletter comprise of two types:

·        NWD Update           (informing you of global economic matters impacting your wealth)

·        NWD Alert              (informing you of specific matters about your investments)