Value Proposition Investment:- Our professional credentials allows us to build investment portfolios with the best practice of combining un-correlated asset classes into your portfolio:

ASX Listed Investments:

·        Index Funds                                                (low management fees)

·        International Index Funds                             (low management fees)

·        Listed Investment Companies    (LIC’s)           (low management fees)    

·        Exchange traded Funds              (ETF’s)          (low management fees)

         ·        Precious Metals                         (ETF’s)          (low management fees)

Unlisted Investment:

·        Retail Managed Funds

·        Wholesale Managed funds                            

·        Agriculture                                                  (SMSF Super & Non Super)

·        Business real Property                                  (SMSF Super)

This approach reduces the overall Investment risk in your portfolio, when given appropriate weightings to each asset class. An un-correlated asset class just means that the asset class of Australian shares (ASX) moves in a different cycle to that of Australian beef markets or Australian Bonds. These three asset classes would never move together with any synchronicity over time.


SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION:- As a self-managed superannuation specialist and being in this sector of superannuation for over 15 years we are able to service all areas adequately.

·        Investigate if SMSF is appropriate for you and your family

·        Fastest growing sector of superannuation in Australia

·        Take full control of your retirement money                           (family)

·        Get access to low fee investments listed on ASX

·        Access all types of investments listed above and more

·        Implement a cost effective life insurance strategy                 (SMSF)

·        Provide your family with more certainty in the event of your personal demise

SUPERANNUATION:- If a self-managed superannuation fund is not for you we can still be extremely valuable to you as we have access to superannuation funds that will still provide you access to many of the asset classes mentioned above in a portfolio that can combine ASX listed securities and managed funds, with excellent value for money in the fees you would pay.

Again reducing the overall investment risk your super fund would be exposed to in the event of any economic volatility.

·        Employer super funds

·        Personal super funds

·        Transition to retirement

·        Seamless transition from accumulation to pension phase in retirement

INVESTMENTS:- with Non Superannuation money we can offer all of the above as a full portfolio of ASX listed securities or use a platform with consolidated reporting of both tax and online access for you.

·        Term Deposits

·        Life time Annuities

·        Australian Bonds                                           (Federal Government)


Value Proposition Insurance:- Our professional credentials allows us to implement an insurance strategy in the most cost effective manner:

·        Research all Insurance companies to get best deal

·        Life Insurance

·        Total and Permament Disability Insurance       (TPD)

·        Trauma Insurance                                          (Heart attack lump sum payment)

·        Income Protection

·        Business Insurance

Being Insurance Broker for over 20 years allows us to implement the most cost efficient and best strategies to own the various types of personal insurances on offer by all the major insurance company providers in Australia.