Where as Income Protection is quite often referred to as Temporary Disablement Insurance covering you for sickness and/or accident. TPD Insurance stands for Total and Permanent Disablement Insurance, this type of Insurance will pay a lump sum in the event of you not being able to perform your normal duties of your occupation for which you have training and experience. All Insurance companies provide this type of cover therefore as with any Insurance it is your policy document that will state what the the definitions are in the event of any claim being made against the policy. 

Superannuation:- Check your superannuation fund, a lot of people are unaware that their fund carries with it Total and Permanent Disability Insurance. The level of cover is usually not enough, although it's certainly one of the cheapest ways to receive TPD Insurance. The reason for this, being that a Super fund can organise insurance on a group basis for the members of the fund.
The reason your superannaution fund may have TPD Insurance for you is usually linked to the industry award that your employer has catergorised your job as.
Under the award it will spell out that the employer must prvide TPD Insurance for you. Check with your employer for your level of cover and how the level of cover is calculated.

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