Our self-managed superannuation Strategic planning service provides you with an investigation into whether a self-managed superannuation fund is the right choice for you and your family. The strategic aspect of this service is centered on the following issues when setting up a new Self-managed Super Fund.

Comparing the strategy of consolidating existing employer and / or personal superannuation accounts into a self-managed super fund that can have up to 4 members:

Issues for Comparison on Annual basis:

·        existing super tax to new SMSF tax                                    (usually less than 15% in SMSF)

·        All existing Insurance premiums versus new SMSF Insurances

·        All current investment fees versus new SMSF investment

·        Current administration fees versus new SMSF fees

·        Current compliance fees versus new SMSF fees

Included as part of this calculation is a forecast position of how you would be set up at retirement!

Will you reach your required wealth position to achieve a comfortable retirement and maintain your standard of living in retirement addressing issues such as:

·        Nominate an amount to live on, in today’s dollar terms  

·        Project this figure at an agreed inflation figure

·        Benchmark your Super total at retirement, against your desired retirement pension amount

·        Use an agreed amount to forecast income & Growth of your investments

We can accommodate any salary sacrifice strategies and / or personal contributions scenarios to see the impact on how your total Super value builds towards your nominated retirement age. 

List of features which apply to all strategic planning tools:

·        5 to 40 years projections

·        Table & chart views

·        Can discuss multiple scenarios                        

Please call to discuss your requirements, let us work with you to investigate if you will reach your desired goals at retirement. Discover if you can maintain your quality & standard of living, when you stop working at some point in the future. 

Being empowered with this information allows you to monitor more closely year by year, how you are tracking towards your desired retirement goals in financial terms.