New Wealth Directions through it's arrangements with Lionsgate FP we offer a Stockbroking service with Berndale Securities (a member of the Australian Stock Exchange), Mark Boyse can offer you stockbroking services.

We have access to some of Australia's best shares and investment research houses. They research over four hundred of Australia's listed public companies on the stock market and several thousand managed funds products across all asset classes.
We specialise in reviewing your shares and offering recommendations to
re strucuture into a prudent portfolio that may include transferring the shares into your Self managed Super fund
In this market some shares are good quality shares but just need time to recover. A good strategy is to transfer them to your superfund with an in specie transfer. It's even possible to receive a tax deduction for the contribution of your shares into the fund.

Shares Research:- As mentioned above shares research is extremely important when either holding a current portfolio or contemplating a new portfolio.
The share market at the moment is a scary place, but approached with good quality research on the companies in your portfolio could reward you with good profits. The main reason being that companies that survive in good shape over the next few years, will be well positioned when the market trends into positive territory again.

Share Market Cycles:- Cycles are what allows our planet to live and sustain life, day into night, Winter into Spring, year after year. These are just a few examples of cycles. You might think what does that have to do with shares and investing.
Share markets are a reflection of what a lot of people think the value of a particular share is.
Over the past sixty to seventy years markets have become more efficient. The efficiency is in the area of how quickly the price of a particular share can reflect the opinion of those many people in the market for that share. Time taken to implement transactions has become dramatically more efficient in the last ten years with the advent of the Internet. The Internet now allows everyone to apply their opinion to what a certain share is worth ( Internt Trading ).
It is an unwise investor that invests purely on the basis of what is the theoretical value of a company, you must make a prediction on what is the emotion of the share market and use this as well to judge what you are prepared to pay. An example of what I am talking of here, is that it is now three years that the American share market has been in a cyclical decline after the greatest share market boom ever in the nineties. Are the shares cheap now... well maybe?

The American consumer is losing confidence in their economy. Over the last twelve months shares are starting to appear cheap but if consumers are'nt going to buy consumables as they have done in the past, then companies will be hard pressed to sell goods to consumers. Companies in America are losing their pricing power. With profit margins that are being squeezed by technology on a world wide basis, profits become harder to achieve than in the past.
What stage of the cycle are we at the moment, arguably we are going through the biggest adjustment to the way we live as humans in our daily lives. If you agree with this, then you need to change the way you invest. It has never been more important to review your current asset allocation that is in your portfolio and ensure your portfolio is poised to take advantage of the cycles of investing. With change there is always opportunity be on the right side of it and you will make money.

Transfer of Sponsoring Broker:- If you have bought shares in the last few years through a broker and are wandering how you can receive some advice about those shares. Transferring shares to a new broker is simple and free. if you use the services of New Wealth Directions, setting up an account is free and the shares can be transferred within 48 hours 

Issuer Sponsored shares:- Australia now has one of the largest share ownerships in the world, more than 48% of us own shares. This has come about as a consequence of some of our biggest institutions being publically floated onto the Australian share market. When you received your shares directly from the institution, these are referred to as issuer sponsored shares.
New Wealth Directions will offer you a review of your shares portfolio and offer research and analyis of your portfolio, with buy, sell or hold recommendations.