Superannuation used properly can be a very tax effective investment strategy, to fund your retirement. Throughout your working career you will probably change jobs and when this happens you can rollover your employer superannuation into your own personal superannuation fund.

Setting up your own Self Managed superannuation fund, which than can be used for you and your partner to build the families wealth. This gives you the one investment vehicle to manage your super until you both retire. Your superannuation will be your personal accounts for each member of the fund (you & your partner). This provides the two of you with total control over your superannuation funds. Each employer can contribute directly to your own family super fund. All previous super funds can be rolled over into the Family super fund, the family super fund will be both your personal & employer super fund. Under choice legislation (SIS) you will only ever have one superannuation fund, unless you work under certain federal awards and your employer is obliged to use a nominated fund in the award.

Flexibility of your Superannuation; When you have your own fself managed superannuation account with the right type of administration platform you will have ultimate flexibility and control of your money. 


  • ·        The platform should have the ability to have daily unit / share pricing and valuation
  • ·        Produce a report on your superannuation performance over any date range
  • ·        Provide un-realised Capital Gains tax report
  • ·        Internet access with an up to date valuation on all investments in your portfolio
  • ·        Able to choose different Fund Managers, ETF's, Index funds, shares, agriculture, business property etc etc .
  • ·        Research Information about the different Fund managers in your portfolio
  • ·        Choice of Alternative Investments types (restricted to SIS legislation)
  • ·        Un - Limited Choice of shares on the Australian stock market
  • ·        Transparent fees charged to your account
  • ·        Simple and cheap procedure to change investments or share holdings


Has your current superannuation account got all of these features?


In the current volatile global investment markets of recent years you need to have choice of many different asset classes. With your own SMSF you are only constrained by the SIS legislation and your investment strategy.