Below we explain the relationship between Lionsgate Financial Group, New Wealth Directions and Mark Boyse.

Mark status of "Authorised Representative" with Lionsgate Financial Group, allows Mark to operate New Wealth Directions as a "financial planner" in Mackay. Mark offers financial services through the company New Wealth Directions Pty Ltd.

Mark has over 25 years of experience in the financial planning industry.

Offering specialist investment & Strategic advice in "Self managed superannuation Funds"  (SMSF) in the Mackay region for over ten years.

Financial Services Guide and Privacy Policy 

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Corporate Information

 New Wealth Directions  (ABN 41 055 317 274)

ADDRESS: updated February 2016

PO Box 151  

DAPTO,    NSW    2530                     

Professional Membership

Financial Planning Association of Australia  (FPA) - Website link

Mark has been a member of the Financial planning association since the mid Nineties. Because of my long standing membership with the Financial Planning Association of Australia as an Associate member and many years of practical professional experience.I was accepted as a Certified Member of the FPA

A CFP is a world recognised level of competency with an Annual convention held in USA each year.

  • Certified Member (CFP) of the FPA (Financial Planning Association)

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) is the peak professional body for financial planning in Australia. FPA practitioner members manage the financial affairs of more than 5 million Australians whose investments are valued at $630 billion. The FPA’s professional framework holds the highest standards for financial planning regulation around the world. Click above to visit the FPA website for more information. 

Self Managed Superannuation Professional Association of Australia  (SPAA) - Website link

Mark became an SMSF Specialist Advisor in 2006 

visit the SPAA website to better understand what this leading dynamic group does with respect to steering government policy in superannuation and how it impacts all Australians.

Authorised Representative

Mark Boyse, is the owner and operator of New Wealth Directions Pty Ltd

is an Authorised Representative of Lionsgate Financial Group and is accredited to provide advice in the following areas:

  • Generic Knowledge

  • Personal Insurance

  • Financial Planning

  • Life Insurance

  • Managed Investments

  • Superannuation

Being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) allows me to give advice on the following as well:

  • Securities

  • Exchange Traded Funds

  • Index Funds
  • Derivatives

Mark Boyse Qualifications:

Below is an outline of my experience and education since 1986, operating as a Financial Planner.

Personal Education:

  • Diploma of Financial Planning .. Unit 1 .. March 1994

  • Diploma of Financial Planning .. Unit 2 .. September 1994

  • Diploma of Financial Planning .. Unit 3 .. March 2001

  • Diploma of Financial Planning .. Unit 4 .. July 2002

  • Diploma of Financial Planning .. Unit 5 .. September 2000

  • Diploma of Financial Planning .. Unit 6 .. August 1998

  • Diploma of Financial Planning .. Unit 7 .. September 2002

  • Diploma of Financial Planning .. Unit 8 .. July 2003


Mark completed the final unit of the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning unit 8 in July 2003.


New Wealth Directions intends to create an interesting website for the purpose of educating people online about how to create wealth in all areas of Financial Planning.

With computers and the growth in the Internet providing a myriad of information about everything affecting our daily lives. It's difficult to decipher all the financial information and make use of the information, for the specific purpose of setting up a wealth creation strategy. We will endeavour to help educate you and assist, in putting together a road map to financial freedom. Being informed about your financial future is extremely important but with the right advice and a properly constructed financial plan that maps out your future wealth aspirations the job can be tackled with confidence.