The only nice thing about ... not planning ... is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by long periods of anxiety, worry and depression. 

New Wealth Directions specialises in creating wealth, through strategic & objective advice. We do this in myriad of different ways. Offering low cost investment structures, supported by administration services that provide consolidated reporting to you. Your investment portfolio is available to you at any given time of night or day and where ever you are in he world with an access point to the internet.


We are searching for new Investments to suit the current economic conditions all the time in order to manage our clients investment portfolios exposure to investment risk.

We see it as our job, to bring you, new investment choices from:

·        Managed Funds

·        ASX Listed stocks

·        Listed Investment companies (LIC’s)

·        Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)

·        Index Funds

·        Alternatives types of assets classes. 

Combining un-correlated asset classes from the above types of investment types, has the ability to reduce your Investment portfolio exposure to investment risk. 

These days there are many more investment choices available; with choices comes flexibility and control. Control is for you to monitor your investment risk in a way that keeps you informed and educated about your portfolio. 

Ensuring your investments are insulated from international events, but at the same time seeking out opportunities for future growth is important when working towards your investment goals.

Your Investment Risk Profile:

Investment Risk Profiling is the science of marrying the right types of Investments into the appropriate mix of Asset Classes. Taking care to allocate the asset classes into the correct percentage amounts, that would reflect your tolerance to Investment losses or gains.

When this is done properly, with the care and attention that you deserve, you will be able to sleep soundly at night knowing full well that your Investment portfolio is tailor made with respect to your stated "Investor type" varying from Aggressive to Very Conservative.

New Wealth Directions specialise in this very important part of Investing. 

Investment Volatility:

Volatility of an investment portfolio, is a measure of the investment risk that your portfolio is exposed to.

Investment risk can be reduced by diversification of asset classes with in a portfolio, but there are many other ways to diversfy your portfolio to minimise the risk of loss and maintain or increase the chance of a good investment return.

It is possible through the use of modern investment structures and current low risk high return investments, to even further reduce the risk of loss.

You need to ensure that your portfolio is appropriate to your tolerance to investment risk. 

Investment Performance:

Last years winners are usually next years losers. These types of investments are usually very volatile over time.

Markets move up and down. To reduce the risk of loss and ensure your portfolio is always structured to preserve capital, in bad times and perform well in good times, you need to invest into investments with low volatility.

These days with so many choices available and with access to investments that have historically only been available to the very rich, it is possible to structure your portfolio in a way that will perform well in any given market environment.

There by smoothing out annualised performance of your portfolio. 

Structure and Strategy:

The term ..."Financial Planning" ... is at times a very mis-understood term. It's meaning is very broad and diverse, it relates to all of the information in this website.

Each section is a profession unto itself;

·        Superannuation Planning

·        Investment Planning

·        Insurance Planning

·        Retirement Planning

·        Estate Planning

·        Self Managed Superannuation 

A good Financial Planner when asked to give full scope advice, needs to look at the best structure and strategy for you, based on your specific financial goals and objectives.

New Wealth Directions will ensure the structure and the strategy of the way your investments are set up is most appropriate for you and your family.  

From New Wealth Directions .......... happy planning .........